Your donations change lives for the better every day.

I moved into Westminster Canterbury Richmond several years ago thanks to the Fellowship Program. You cannot imagine the gift this is to me and my family. My life has taken turns I never expected. Life-threatening health problems for our son were followed by long illnesses for my husband’s mother, a widow. We had to help both times – they were our precious family. But after my husband died and his pension payments discontinued, I found myself facing serious financial stress – alone. My pastor told me about the Fellowship Program and pushed me to apply. Amazingly, I was welcomed. My panic has been replaced by peace and security and my heart overflows with gratitude. Every day I marvel at your generosity and I strive to give back in every way I can. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Dad and I still share precious memories. No, he cannot recount stories anymore; he’s not always sure of my name. It hurts me and confuses him. But recently, we were planting a small raised garden with Westminster Canterbury’s horticulture therapist. The familiar feeling of a small shovel, the rich smell of the dirt and the delicacy of the seedlings reminded him of our old springtime routines. He said he couldn’t wait to taste the tomatoes. The next day, I joined him with the music therapist. To my amazement, she cajoled him into singing some oldies and familiar hymns. As our voices joined together, Dad reached out to grab my hand, “Son, I love you.” Who are these angels to thank for the gift of memories for Dad and joy for us both


When we moved to Westminster Canterbury, neither of us had ever picked up a paintbrush for anything other than painting a wall. But I was intrigued by the arts studio and decided to take an introductory painting course. What fun! To discover at 82 years old that I can still learn, grow and create is amazing. My husband enjoys classes in the woodworking shop, and he’s proud of his creations. We enjoy the live performances and attend something marvelous nearly every week. I feel so alive and inspired by all I’m experiencing. Thank you to every single donor who makes this possible!


“A few months ago, I lived through one of my deepest fears. Out of the blue it seemed, I fell. And I broke bones. After surgery and hospitalization, I was sent to Mary Morton Parsons Health Center. Now I count this a huge blessing and the word that comes to mind is “wonderful!” How can this be? The nursing staff is amazing. We truly got to know one another. They care so deeply. Surprisingly, my days were full! Therapists helped me make progress. I enjoyed my favorite performances in the theater. I shared lots of laughter, visits and closer relationships with chaplains. Delicious meals. A happy atmosphere. Today, I am stronger than I’ve been in a long time. And now I volunteer in the Parsons Health Center!


Years ago, I worried about growing old. What would I do? Would I still matter? At Westminster Canterbury, this worry is long past. This week I’ll go to our theater and witness incredible performances. Fitness classes have made me stronger than I’ve been in years. Spiritual life here is rich. I’m thrilled that our staff are offered the chance for their children to attend our Child Development Center. I love the chances to interact with these young children – it makes me feel young! When I visit friends in assisted living or healthcare, it is fun to participate in their many programs and activities. Over my years here, I’ve realized there really is a spirit of generosity that pervades this place. Westminster Canterbury Foundation helps this happen, and I’m thrilled to do what I can to support these incredible efforts!


My husband and I worked hard all our lives. We lived carefully. We invested. Then the recession came. Our dream of a comfortable retirement was gone and shortly after I lost my husband. I was too old to work. Our investments and our home no longer had the same value. What would I do? A friend suggested I apply for Fellowship assistance. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to live here and the peace of mind that comes with it.